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  • Nov 10 2010

    ICE Trike's are Climbing Very Well

    The first order placed with ICE was actually with the previous owner (Peter Ross) and the company was named TRICE. I'm thinking that was 14 years ago. The draw for me was that it was a design that could be packed into a small carton, so having one shipped from the UK was not exorbitant. Perennial Cycle has kept up that relationship every year since.

    Chris and Neil took over shortly after we got our first trike and within a short time they had made so many improvements on the original model that they changed the name to ICE (Inspired Cycle Engineering) and kept improving the design as well as the manufacturing process.

    Over the years I have often told customers that I don't think the guys at ICE sleep and that is how they can keep making so many improvements to their trikes. I've also said that they certainly know what to do when they get out of bed in the morning...Go To Work...and Stay Late.

    All their hard work appears to be paying off in a big way for them. The trikes are extremely polished and any resemblance to the original model is only visible to a highly trained eye (mine might be the only one).

    Several years back ICE was battling for the #1 position in the trike world with a few other manufacturers and I felt like they were #1. I told this to Neil and he said there's only one direction to go if you are on the top. At the time I thought he was saying "down", but I was wrong.

    Congrats to the team at ICE. It's a great team with tons of integrity and a desire to make the best.

    Last year ICE saw an 80% increase in sales. This is due to a number of things lining up for them, but the key feature was their product.
    Here's a video from ICE that will give you a feel for the company:

    You can see our ICE Trikes HERE

  • Feb 02 2009

    Dale & Mary Spotted in Velo Vision

    Mary & Dale on a Perennial Cycle Fun Ride!

    Peter Eland, bike culture aficionado and editor of VeloVision, has published eight years of top-notch articles. The issue with Dale and Mary has everything from bikes in Phnom Pennhe, to reviews from Cycle 2008 (the major bike show in the UK), some bike reviews, a bike light test, an interesting article on how people pedal their children to school and other eclectic cycle stories.

    Velo Vision Issue #32 Article

    We're always excited and inspired when the new VeloVision arrives at the shop -- every issue is filled with great pictures and stories that you just don't see anywhere else. In fact, we're so fond of VeloVision that we're the U.S. subscription agent! We also stock back issues. Check out VeloVision on our website here:

    You can see Velo Vision here: Velo Vision Website

    Check out the Gallery of some bike rides Dale and Mary have been out on:

  • Jun 12 2008

    Mark's ICE T Trike and More

    We have a pretty wide range of customer's at the shop that put in a good amount of miles each year. Some do (or lead) a lot of club rides, some love the call to tour, some are just all round bicycle users and some are big time commuters. Mark is a commuter with a love of a good tour every now and again.

    Mark consistently gets in over 4,000 miles a year. We're talking year after year after year.

    Here's some Q & A that Mark submitted as a "Bike Profile"

    Bicycle (year, brand and model): 2000 Vision R44, 2002 Vision R85 tandem, 2005 ICE-T

    What's your primary use of this bike?: Commuting, but I do day rides and I tour with my wife.

    Do you have an especially memorable ride that you did on this bike?: All my rides are memorable, but our tour last summer through the Iron Range in northern Minnesota was a hoot.

    Are there any accessories or custom modifications on your bike that you'd like to point out?: I've crated my own "T" bar for mounting my computer and ! light systems and it cost under three dollars. I'll try and get some close up pictures downloaded.

    Anything else that you'd like to mention about the bike?: They are like riding on a human powered magic carpet.

    Thanks Mark!

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