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  • Jun 26 2012

    Bags! Bags! Bags! // Po Campo + Brompton

    The text "Bags! Bags! Bags!" painted in a serif font in black paint on a piece of light-colored wood.

    So you've custom-ordered your Brompton and you've settled on a front-luggage solution—be it the Folding Basket, the T-Bag, the S-Bag, or another option. Maybe you've even considered the B&W hardcase for traveling with your Brommie. You're good to go when it comes to commuting to work, heading out to the grocery, and hopping on a plane. But what about when you're just grabbing drinks or a coffee with friends? Sure, you could carry a bag or stash your phone, keys & wallet in your jeans. But, if you're like me, you might not want to bother with a shoulder bag, however small, and you might not have any pockets in the skirt or dress you're wearing. That's where Po Campo's Six Corners Wristlet & Handlebar Bag comes in.

     po campo fanfare wristlet mounted on a Brompton folding bike

    As Emily demonstrates in the video below, the Six Corners Handlebar Bag is petite yet roomy and within view while you ride, and plays just as well with Brompton's handlebars as it has with Civia or Linus in previous editions of the Shopcast. And, like the easy carrier block mount you're used to with your Brompton bags, Po Campo's handlebar bag is made to clip on and off quickly when you're locking up your Brompton and want to take your valuables with you. Best of all, and especially important for any Brompton owner, Po Campo's little handlebar bag won't interfere with the bike's fold if you're bringing the whole package in with you at your destination.

    (And gentlemen, before you excuse yourselves for a replay of our folding competition on YouTube, note the stylish, unassuming tones of the Umber Handlebar Bag. Just consider the screaming teal interior part of what gives you speed when you're down in aero on your S- or M-bar.)

     po campo umber wristlet mounted on a Brompton folding bike
    Po Campo Wristlet (back) with space for inserting a belt

    Ahem. Back to the bag at hand. One of the best things about the Six Corners Wristlet is that it's not just a handbag. It's a wristlet, yes. It's also a purse when you clip the handle at either end, or a clutch with the handle removed altogether. There's even a hands-free option if you happen to be sporting a belt: the back of every one of these beauties is outfitted with two convenient loops through which to slip a belt, so long as it's not ultra-wide.

    Aesthetically, what really makes the Brompton + Po Campo combo hit it out of the park is the way the Po Campo patterns sing alongside Brompton's many color-personalities. You can pair Fanfare with Sage for the tone-on-tone look above or match up the complementary Feathers with Brompton's Arctic Blue. Rounding out the trio is Umber, a great neutral that will ride well with any Brompton—hers or his. And, though they likely won't be around long, we also have a few of Po Campo's now discontinued laminated-cotton "Bicycles" wristlets remaining. They pair well with matching white, turkish green & raw lacquer handlebars and contrast nicely with Brompton's warm hues of yellow, orange, and red. Get 'em before they're gone!

    po campo feathers + po campo bicycles patterned wristlets mounted on Brompton folding bikes

    See you later this week for another of our new features, "At the Market."

  • Jun 07 2012

    Brompton US Championship Weekend • The Nitty-Gritty

    Brompton US Championship • 2012 • Sunday, June 10

    We couldn't be more excited to be just days away from the Brompton US Championship 2012, to be held this Sunday, June 10 in Minneapolis. You've read the basics in our previous post on the event—now for the nitty-gritty details of the weekend's festivities.

    Saturday, June 9 — Let's Party!

    Whether you're racing Sunday or not, you're invited to enjoy music, food & drink at our Registration and Packet pick-up Party at Perennial Cycle from 5:30–8:30pm. What to bring: cash if you'd like to dine with us, your bike (Brompton or otherwise!), and a friend. All are welcome. 


    Our own Jon Nielsen will be playing from 7–8 p.m.


    Potter's Pasties food truck will be selling pasties from 5:30–8 p.m. with traditional, chicken, vegetarian Thai, pulled pork and sausage pasties and sides. Potter's will also keep you hydrated with a variety of sodas, water, ginger-mint limeade, and Vietnamese coffees. For details, view the menu here.

    We'll be serving ice cream, donated by Banjo Bros., between 6–8 p.m.


    • Fold to the Death in a Folding Duel — Challenge a fellow party-goer to a folding duel on stage.
    • Time your fastest fold on stage
    • Hop in the Photo Booth for a chance to get your picture taken with a limited edition tri-coloured Jubilee Brompton, designed in celebration of Her Majesty the Queen’s Diamond Jubilee, or a limited edition Vic Lee inspired Brompton.


    • Raffle prizes include Nutcase Union-Jack helmets, men's and women's Twin Six apparel, Walz caps, and other cycling accessories. There will be multiple opportunities to get your name in the hat throughout the evening.
    • Perennial Cycle will be offering free registration for Sunday's event to anyone who buys an in-stock Brompton at the party.


    Following Saturday's party, we'll be heading out on a pub-ride as a group to Merlin's Rest, so don't forget to bring your Brompton, your folding friends, or your preferred bike or trike to ride with us. Sales Manager Greg Neis will be leading the ride.

    Sunday, June 10 — Brompton US Championship • 2012

    If you haven't already registered, there's still time to get a chance at the top prize—a trip to England to compete in the Brompton World Championship—at All are welcome to spectate and cheer the participants on.


    8:30–9:40 a.m. Pre-race Check-in at W 34th Street and Lyndale Ave S. Tea and Scones by A Baker's Wife provided for all registered participants.

    10 a.m. - sharp - Participants will start the race with a Le Mans running start to their folded Bromptons, unfold as fast as they can, and head into the first lap of six. A UCI (International Cycling Union) representative will be present to officiate the competition

    11 a.m. Folding Competition, open to participants and spectators alike. Race participants may partake in the Folding Competition free of charge. For $5, others may have a chance to get their names in the bracket. A prize will awarded to the fastest folder.

    11:30 a.m. Awards Presentation with representatives from Perennial Cycle and John McConaghay of Brompton.


    prizes include a Twin Six jersey, Nutcase Union-Jack Helmet, a Carradice Zipped Roll, and Kojak Tires

    Best Dressed — John Meegan of Top Shelf will judge the sartorial elegance of all of the Championship's entrants and award a custom-made shirt, created with up to 30 measurements to guarantee the perfect fit, to one man and one woman with impeccable style.

    Fastest Fold — The folder with most finesse will go home with a set of Schwalbe 16x1¼ Kojaks for his or her Brompton.

    3rd Place, Men's/Women's Divisions — One men's and one women's Twin Six Jersey

    2nd Place, Men's/Women's Divisions — One men's and one women's Brooks B-17 Saddle (B-17 & B-17S)

    1st Place, Men's & Women's Champion — A trip to the Brompton World Championship in England for the first place finishers in the men's and women's divisions

    One man and one woman will win a trip to compete in the Brompton World Championship 2012


    All registered participants and guests are encouraged to participate in the Open Streets Minneapolis event following the race. Lyndale will be open to cyclists, pedestrians, and other non-motorized modes of transport through 4 p.m. Sunday.

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