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  • Jul 11 2018

    Thursday Night Ice Cream Ride — August Edition

    August weather calls out for early evening rides motivated by ICE CREAM! Meet at 7 p.m. (3342 Hennepin Ave, Minneapolis, MN 55408), Ride at 7:30 p.m. Led by Perennial Cycle staff and friends, this ride will meet at Perennial Cycle and ride to one of our favorite Twin Cities ice cream shops. The ride will be 3–5 miles at a pace that’s both kid and beginner friendly and allows for chatting along the way. Bring lights, bring your bike, bring a friend. Ice cream will be our treat. We’ll announce our destination at the start of the ride at the shop. This event is FREE and open to all. Limited to 50 registered riders. Tickets will be available starting August 1. Get your tickets here.
  • Feb 05 2018

    NEW: Souma Handlebar Bags for Brompton

    Anyone who has stopped into our shop on Hennepin Avenue (or browsed our website, for that matter) knows for a fact that we absolutely love bicycle bags. We have bags to fit just about any bike, and our selection of Brompton-specific bags is especially formidable. So we were thrilled to find out that Souma, a tiny company operating out of the Czech Republic, is making a handlebar bag that's unlike any the ones we were already stocking. We knew we had to get them in the store!

    Souma bag for 2017 handlebar in Topaz (show on a Brompton H2L in grey/black)

    There are many handlebar bags that could be used on a Brompton, but nearly all of them fit weirdly, or get in the way somehow, or simply flop awkwardly onto the concrete when you're folding the bike. These Souma bags, on the other hand, perfectly fill the unused space in the middle of your M- or H-type Brompton handlebars. They're easy to mount up with four leather straps and four heavy duty snaps. They don't flop around or interfere with the fold, and they keep your essentials within easy reach. A snap closure keeps your stuff inside when the bike is folded and the bag is upside down. It's a design that we've never seen before, and as soon as we saw it we wondered why the heck nobody had thought of it until now.

    Handmade in Brno, Czech Republic from full-grain leather, Souma bags are available in two versions to fit either your pre-2017 or current model M/H bar (for those who don't know, Brompton modified the shape of the M/H handlebar back in 2017 - see photos for clarification). The 2017 version is slightly smaller to fit the updated handlebar, and comes in three colors: Topaz (which matches Brooks "Honey" saddles), Brown, and Black. Folks with pre-2017 bikes can choose a brown or black bag.

    Souma bags for 2017 and newer bikes (left) and pre-2017 bikes (right), in black

    Souma bags for 2017 handlebar in (from left) black, brown, and topaz

    If you need color suggestions: Topaz looks especially nice with softer colors like grey and turkish green. Brown looks excellent on our nickel edition bikes. When in doubt, black looks good with everything (but we like it especially well with bright colors such as red or lime). Like any quality leather good, your Souma bag will acquire a unique and beautiful patina with time and use, so buy it, use it, and love it and know that you're only making it look cooler. Click here to check out Souma bags on our website.

  • May 01 2013

    Mapping out the Competition for this year's Brompton US Championship, hosted by Perennial Cycle in Minneapolis

    Registration for the Brompton US Championship • 2013 has been open almost a month now, and—as you can see above—the competition is all over the map. We are glad to see that many of the Minnesota-based competitors who took part in last year's race have chosen to return and that so many others from across the country have decided to make the trip to join us here in Minneapolis. Many of you have told us you've already begun your training programs: ranging from getting out on your Brompton to practicing your Windsor. If you don't yet see your home city city on the map, we have good news for you... there are still a handful of FREE T-shirts remaining when you use the special coupon code available at We can't wait to see all of you at the starting line on June 23! p.s. If you're not yet a Brompton owner, you might be interested to know that the wait time for special orders is just 5 weeks as of April 29, 2013. So, not only will your Brommie be here in time for race day, you'll even have time to get a bit of training in ahead of time.
  • Feb 13 2013

    Save 20% on in-store pick-up for your Valentine

    Header-2-14 Looking for last-minute ideas for your Valentine? Something sweet for your Sweet? We're here to help. Save 20% at on all in-stock merchandise when you choose "In Store Pickup" as your shipping method at checkout with the coupon code BIKELOVE now through midnight on Thursday, February 14, 2013*. Here are a few ideas to get you going! Valentine Gift Guide at Calhoun Cycle
    1. Arkel Commuter Bag
    2. Upcycled Chain Plate Earrings from Resource Revival
    3. Ride T by Twin 6
    4. Beez Kneez Honey
    5. Gils Berthou 786 Saddle Bag
    6. Little Silver Pump from PDW
    7. Diva T by Twin 6
    8. Soma's Deco Rear Rack
    9. Hand-Painted Crane Suzu Bell
    10. Terry's Butterfly Chromoly Saddle for Women (or try Terry's Fly Chromoly for the gents)
    11. Po Campo's Pilsen Bungee
    12. Ankle Biters in Red, Yellow, Blue or Black
    13. PDW's Spaceship and Radbot 500 Light Set
    14. Woodpecker Bell
    15. 8-Speed Linus Dutchi
    *UPDATE: This promotion has now ended. To be sure to find out about future deals, Subscribe to the Shopcast, Like us on Facebook, and/or Follow us on Twitter to be the first to hear!

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