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  • Dec 08 2010

    Momentum Magazine Speaks Recumbent!

    Momentum Magazine

    Momentum is a favorite cycling publication here at the shop. It's a bit Euro in that the magazine is all about real world people riding bikes in the real world. If you haven't had a chance to read it I'd recommend jumping on the website and checking Momentum out. The current issue has an article by Troy Pieper titled "Recumbent Riders". There are a couple of Perennial Cycle mentions in the article and both John McConaghay and Luke Breen (myself) were sources for the article.

    Link: Recumbent Riders Article in Momentum

  • Nov 10 2009

    Recumbent in Momentum Magazine

    'Bent in the City caught our eye in newest issue of Momentum Magazine. Long time recumbent rider Vincent de Tourdonnet wrote a super article about urban 'bent riding.  Vincent called the shop and spoke with one of our top notch salesmen,  John McConaghay who is quoted in the article. As an urban shop that also sells a lot of recumbents, we were a likely source for Vincent. If you haven't seen Momentum yet, I highly recommend it. You can check out the 'bent article here.

  • May 21 2009

    Momentum Magazine Reviews the Bullitt

    Gwendal testing out the Bullitt Gwendal testing out the Bullitt
    Momentum Magazine is a fun bike culture publication that is often on the cutting edge of all things "Bicycle". The current issue has a great review of the Larry vs. Harry Bullitt cargo bike. This is very exciting for us as I just heard that our very first shipment is in Minneapolis (awaiting a customs inspection). You can check out the review here: The Larry vs Harry Bullitt Cargo Bike Gwendal made a sweet sneak preview movie: FUN! Here are some pictures of Gwendal on the Bullitt (taken by Ben Johnson):

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