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Perennial Cycle

  • Jun 06 2008

    Mini Phil Wood Hub

    This is our first Phil Wood hub that has 74mm dropout spacing. 74mm spacing is a standard size for a large segment of the folding bike world. This smaller dropout spacing is plenty wide in regards to wheel strength as it is always a small diameter wheel.

    This particular wheel has been built up for a Brompton bike (16", 349mm ISO), though don't expect to see it locally or even domestically as it was shipped to France after I took these pictures. The rim is a Velocity Aeroheat 32 hole, though only 16 holes are being used.

    I look at this hub and can see a guy with a black leather apron chucking a block of aluminum into a lathe to do his handywork. I realize that CNC is the more likely production method, but it's a beautiful component with an old school look about it. Lookin' Good Gilles! Enjoy it.

    Browse Perennial Cycle's selection of Phil Wood Pro Brompton Wheels HERE.

  • Feb 17 2008

    This is the beginning!

    of something fun and interesting...

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