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  • Jul 24 2013

    Brompton World Championship → Here We Come!

    This weekend is the Brompton World Championship (BWC) and Minnesota will be well represented:

    Spencer Morse: Spencer for 2 years has been the pace setter for the US Championship. Spencer took 2nd place this year (3rd last year) and is going in place of Stephen Reginold

    Beckie Alexander: Women's 1st place at the US Championship. Beckie's husband Wallace was the 2012 Men's Champion and Beckie was at the 2012 BWC, though was not a competitor

    Susan Todzy: Susan was the 2012 US Women's Champion and is going back the the BWC to defend her title as the winner of the BWC Treble Competition

    Sophie Breen: Women's 2012 US 3rd place winner and 2013 top 10 racer

    Luke Breen: I am the owner of Perennial Cycle and am extremely excited to compete in the BWC along with the group.

  • Jul 23 2013

    Brompton Riders are Truly Awesome Racers!

    As the organizer of the Brompton US Championship (BUSC) 2012 & 2013 I can tell you that Brompton Riders and racers are extremely good natured individuals able to go with the flow.

    This year's event was truly spectacular in every way. The representation of participants created a map with dots from throughout the country. Thanks for that!

    Multi-Modal Ride: Saturdays 30 mile spin led us through a wide variety of obstacles due to a major storm, but we all wore smiles throughout the cyclo-cross-like obstacles. Lunch alongside the great Mississippi with a group of Brompton riders was a lovely experience followed by a ride to the Northstar commuter train that easily held out folded Brommies and brought us back to Minneapolis just in time for the next ride.

    Urban Explorer Ride: This 10 mile urban loop was designed to give the out-of-towners a chance to ride a wide variety of paths and shared roads with a few sights fit into the mix. Thanks to being shut out at the Guthrie (touristy stop) due to an anniversary party we had enough time to ride to one of Beez Kneez urban hive's and being that Kristy (the Queen Bee @ Beez Kneez) was on our ride she gave a tour of the hive and had some Q & A about bees.

    busc2013b_ 14

    We headed back to the shop for a powerless party (power got knocked out for the entire weekend due to Friday's storm) and being that the sandwiches were to arrive from a place that also was without power, we had to come up with a plan B. Pizza is the answer!

    Dewi Sant is a fabulous band that we had scheduled for a show. Being that they knew we were without power, Michael Morris (the lead of the band) decided to come up alone and give an unplugged performance for us. Without light in the shop, we had the entire party and Michael's performance out back. He put on an awesome acoustic show for us.

    Thank You Michael!

    Sunday's Race Day was filled with huge smiles, great looking people wearing their very best, fast folds and an amazingly spirited bike race. The competition was fiercely battled and in the end there were no fewer smiles than at the start.

    This event and all of the BUSC participants have touched my heart in a very special way and I am sure to never forget BUSC • 2013! Thank You fabulous employees, sponsors and especially to those of you who came out and participated in this wonderful event.
    Here are a few pics of the events:

  • Aug 02 2012

    Brompton Flat Fix Trick

    I received a note and a few pics from Mark, one of our Brompton US Championship 2012 Racers. Mark and his partner Deb were riding on Vancouver Island and had a flat on the rear of Deb's Brompton. Mark decided to try and patch the flat without removing the wheel. This seemed like great info to pass on as it's a nice trick that could work on any bike.

    Thanks Mark!

    •   •   •   •   •

    Hey Perennial Cycle-ites,

    Just thought I’d share this with you. Deb and I were on a little tour of Victoria on Vancouver Island in British Columbia via Bromptons when Deb encountered a flat on her rear tire. All of the gearing and whatnot on the rear wheel can be a bit intimidating so thought I’d try a quick patch job without removing the rear wheel. I was able to pop the tire bead off and expose the tube and locate the metal staple in the tire pretty easily and made a pretty quick repair of the flat in about 10 minutes. One thing I’d do differently is pop the bead off the non drive side. Wouldn’t recommend this for all flat repairs, but this one proved to be easy to find the leak and the Park glueless patch held on the first try.

    Patching inner tube without removing rear wheel

    This may be old news, but I had not done this before. I actually saw them doing this on the Amazing Race in Africa, as one of the challenges, where the street mechanics often don’t have the proper wrench to remove the wheel or the axle is actually welded to the frame.

    I have since watched the YouTube video from Brompton on the repair and now know that removing the tire wouldn’t have been that big of a deal, but this sure seemed quicker and cleaner, without having to remove and readjust everything.

    Have got about 25,000 flight miles on the Brompton's B&W case and have been amazed at how well it’s held up. I use the Brompton in our tradeshow display and to get around while traveling. Did have a wheel housing crack due to some rough luggage handling and a drop onto the wheel, but it was easily replaceable with pop rivets and a lightning fast wheel assembly replacement from Perennial and Brompton.

    Thanks Perennial staff and Brompton for all your help.


    Mark and Deb

    • • • • •

    Here are a few pictures. Two are from their ride and the others are Mark at BUSC • 2012
    You can see from the great duct tape Union Jack helmet to the custom spray painted sport jacket that he's an awesomely creative guy.

    I'd guess that Mark had all the tools he needed to make the repair, but for what he specifically did I'm thinking he used a tire lever (we like this one from PDW for the Brompton as well, the included wrench will remove the wheel) and a glueless patch. It's also possible Mark didn't have a tire lever; the Brompton tires can be wrestled off without one if absolutely necessary.

    If you haven't seen the technical videos that Brompton has available (Mark mentions one in the note), you should check them out here.

  • Nov 17 2011

    Po Campo Arriving at Perennial Cycle!

    Maria Boustead is a bag designer in Chicago making the fabulous Po Campo collection of products. Perennial Cycle has had a strong focus on carrying a wide range of high quality cycling bags, so it only makes sense that we would partner up with Po Campo.The midwest connection is a bonus…(ya sure, we understand each other and don't make fun of each others accent).

    Over the past 5 years there has been a great deal of progress regarding what's available for everyday cyclists (commuters, milk & egg chasers, out about town riders, ect.). It has been more as an awakening by bike bag manufacturers that a wider market of real world cyclists exist and we are out here looking for better solutions. In spite of this progress, the reality is that cycling bag manufacturers have mostly come up with some clever solutions to make their BIKE bags functional for work, errand and out about town bags.

    Unlike Anything We've Seen: On the other hand, Po Campo bags are the first cycling bags that I have ever seen that are bags first and bicycle-minded second. Maria hasn't tweaked a bike bag to be better looking and more fashionable, but rather she created awesome, beautiful bags for a variety of day-to-day (and night-to-night) outings. She has worked the bike orientation right into the bag design. The outcome is truly impressive. The Po Campo collection is truly designed to fit the needs of an urban dwelling cyclist. It appears to be pure bonus that the bags utilize a simple Connect™ attachment system to be easily mounted to your bicycle.

    The details are quite obvious when you look at the bags: Water and fade proof fabrics, strategically placed pockets, compact profile with spacious interior, simple CONNECT™ Attachment hardware along with reflective details.

    I promise you that in ten years the cycling industry will look at Maria Boustead as revolutionizing the cycling bag market through her Po Campo collection. Beautiful Bags with a sensible amount of practicality!

    Perennial Cycle is very pleased (and more than a little proud: ) to have Po Campo in the shop.

    Go To: Po Campo at Perennial Cycle

    Po Campo has some videos online to help get a feel for the mounting system and general practicality of their bags.
    Check out a couple of their videos below:

    The Six Corners Wristlet is Po Campo's biggest selling product.
    Here's a video showing the mounting system:

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