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Schwalbe Kojak

  • Oct 28 2008

    16" Schwalbe Kojak for Brompton Folding Bikes

    Schwalbe Kojak

    The speedy, yet durable Schwalbe Kojak now is available in a 16" x 1-1/4" (ISO 32-349mm) tire to fit Brompton folding bikes! The Kojak is a bald high pressure tire with a puncture resistant layer (kevlar belt). This will no doubt be a popular tire on Brommies as many are using them to go some distance and the Kojak can do that oh, so well.

    Tan Wall Kojak on Brompton CHPT3

    While the 16 x 1-3/8" (37-349mm) Schwalbe Marathon Tire will continue to be the most durable, longest lasting 16" tire on the market, the Schwalbe Kojak will no doubt prove to be nearly as durable with a more performance oriented edge. At a 1-1/4" with a pressure rating of 115psi the Kojak will add a bit of speed to any Brompton. A supple sidewall gives the Kojak a nice feel on the road (not as harsh as you'd expect for a 115 psi tire). Both the folding and non-folding have a nice, supple feel. Though the folding model is more supple.

    Available in both a folding and non-folding models. The folding version is a bit lighter weight with a kevlar bead and higher threads per inch, while the non-folding version costs a bit less. The higher thread count on the folding model makes for a more supple and lighter casing. We measured the tire on a stock Brompton rim and the tire measured 30mm wide and 26mm tall. See all of our 16" (349mm) tires here. All our 349 tires will fit a Brompton except for the Greenspeed Scorchers (a little too chubby for the Brompton Frames).

    Here are some details on the 16" Kojak:

    SIZE: ISO 32-349 mm (16 x 1-1/4 in.)
    PRESSURE: 115 psi
    WEIGHT: 175 grams, or 230 grams for the non-folding
    BEAD: Foldable Kevlar or Wire Bead
    CONSTRUCTION: RaceGuard; 67 tpi, or 50 tpi on non-folding
    Website Links: Folding Kojak here, Non-Folding Kojak here

    Schwalbe was out in front of the pack several years back with a number of tires specifically designed for recumbent bikes and now we meet them again at the corner of the folding bike market. It's always good to meet old friends in new places.

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