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  • Jun 21 2008

    USS Conversion to a Double Vision

    Vision Recumbent was a strong recumbent brand for about 10 years (Vision went out of business in 2003). They were well recognized for their Under Seat Steering (USS) recumbent design.

    This Double Vision tandem was purchased used by Peg who happens to have a single Vision (USS R-42 with a 16" front wheel). She purchased the tandem with Over Seat Steering (OSS) and she had us convert it to USS as that's her preference and after a couple of summers riding it OSS she knew that she wanted it converted.

    The conversion was a pretty large task in that the parts are not available, so we had to make them. We used seatpost clamps on each side handlebar which meant that the bars were adjustable up and down as well as in or out. The conversion ended with a great position that pleased the owner very much.

    These types of jobs are a real challenge and very satisfying at the same time. Being that Perennial Cycle was one of Vision's largest dealers for many of their years in business, we certainly are familiar enough with their designs to pull off this job.

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