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  • Oct 03 2012

    What Would You Carry?

    With Saturday set to end with the giveaway of a Yuba Boda Boda, the big question on everyone's mind started with a hypothetical: "If I were to win tonight..." Would my life change? What would I do with a cargo bike? Thus, we set up a photo booth in the shop with a racing-green Bullitt by Larry vs. Harry and asked you to share with us, "What would you carry?"

    An animated slideshow of Calhoun Cycle customers sharing what they'd carry if they had a cargo bike like the Larry vs. Harry Bullitt pictured.

    Some of you were inspired by your favorite food or drink. Others were led by love. Our younger shoppers offered that they might carry notebooks or books... even the family dog. Nick, from Rock-It Bicycle Delivery (and proud owner of a Clockwork Bullitt), responded with a question of his own: What wouldn't I carry?

    Click here to view these photos at your own pace in our Flickr gallery. Thanks to all who stopped in our What would you carry? photo booth.

  • Jul 25 2012

    At the Market: Bag Day at Fulton Farmers Market July 28

    Calhoun Cycle and Banjo Brothers at Fulton Farmers Market

    This Saturday Perennial Cycle will be back at Fulton Farmers Market with a focus on bags and panniers. Fulton Farmers Market is all about local fruits & veggies, crafts, and ready-to-eat food, so the natural choice was to bring along our friends from Banjo Brothers, our favorite locally-owned bag maker.

    The folks from Banjo Brothers will be bringing along some great takeaways (including a coupon so good we can't share the details here):

    • A limited quantity of a 4-color postcard designed by local artist (and cyclist) Adam Turman that is, in his words, "Totally mailable, framable, or hang on your fridgeable."
    • A sample size of "Dude" or "Cowgirl" soaps from the local natural bath and bodycare company Bodylish, whose hand-made, all-natural soaps are perfect for everyone, but are especially good for cyclists of all stripes.
    • A coupon good for a special offer on Banjo Brothers bags at Perennial Cycle

    The peak season of fruits and veggies is just taking off, so if you're heading to the market by bike you'll want to have a bag that will help carry serious quantities, particularly if you're an experienced (or first time!) home-canner. Whether you’re heading home with a coffee cup and a handful of carrots or several pounds of cucumbers and tomatoes, if you're aiming to pedal it, we can help you find a way. We’ll have a sampling of grocery panniers & shopping baskets on display as well as a group of bikes well equipped for market shopping.

    Calhoun Cycle and Banjo Brothers at Fulton Farmers Market July 28, 2012

    What: Bag Day with Banjo Brothers at Fulton Farmers Market

    When: Saturday, July 28 from 8:30 a.m. to 1 p.m.

    Where: 49th and Chowen in S Minneapolis — between Xerxes and France Aves. just off of W 50th St.

    Saturday is going to be a beautiful day for a bike ride and thanks to our tent-mates Banjo Brothers it's going to be an extra-special day at Fulton Farmers Market. See you there!

    Today’s post is part of a new series of entries dedicated to showcasing Perennial Cycle’s involvement in local farmers markets during the summer. Be sure to watch the Shopcast as the weekend approaches to see where you’ll find the Perennial Cycle team throughout the season.

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