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Take a Look Mirrors by Bike Peddler

The three versions of the Take a Look Mirrors

Take a Look Mirrors are well designed, highly adjustable mirrors that attach to your glasses, helmet visor or your helmet using the stick-on helmet adapter. The mirror itself is a glass mirror of good quality and the components of the mounting hardware are stainless steel with brass sleeves. I have found the mirrors to be very durable and due to the brass sleeves being used as pivot points they are extremely adjustable. These are the best glasses/helmet mounting mirrors on the market.The designer of this product was a dentist and his first attempts at creating a cycling mirror was to tape a dental mirror onto his glasses.

The mirrors re sold in 3 versions:
Original with stick-on helmet mount
The original has larger mirror (1-1/2" x 1") and longer reach (over 3" from the front of the mounting clip to the mirror). This mirror tends to work when mounting to a helmet visor or to the stick-on mounting adapter for helmets.
Being that the Compact model has a smaller mirror as well as less reach it tends to be best for those that are going to use the mirror with glasses. When attaching the mirror to glasses it will tend to be closer to your eye and thus the smaller mirror will suffice for seeing behind you without blocking too much of your forward view.

Take a Look Original mounted onto a helmet visor.

Over the years I have moved between handlebar mounted mirrors and glasses/helmet mounted mirrors a few times. Thus the excellent selection of mirrors at Perennial Cycle.

The last couple of years I have been switching between a few different bikes and am finding it easiest to have a Take A Look mirror attached to the visor of my helmet and thus I'm always prepared with a mirror. I am currently using the Original Take a Look attached to my helmet's visor. I actually have drilled a tiny hole in my visor and used a little zip tie to permanently attach the mirror my visor. I did this after losing a couple mirrors because I set the helmet down and accidentally knock the mirror off the visor...

Take a Look Mirror Mounted to visor with zip tie.

I also ended up putting a bend in my Original mounting bracket model to optimize the position. Being that I switch between a laid back recumbent and an upright bike I feel that I have to play around with the mirror position a little more than I would have to if I was riding one or the other. The used the mirror for a while without the bend and then did my tweaking which has worked out very well.

Custom Original (bend ahead of mounting clip)

I wouldn't recommend customizing your mirror until you have used it for a while and have gotten the hang of adjusting it. If you do choose to customize your Take a Look mirror be sure to make the bend on a stainless steel (silver) section of the mount. The brass sleeve is a softer metal and will be the first part to bend if your attempting to do this without a good grip (tools) and then the brass sleeve will break later as it's not thick enough to be bent. I used 2 needle nosed pliers to hold the stainless rod securely as I "formed" it.

2 thoughts on “Take a Look Mirrors by Bike Peddler”

  • Rhonda

    Thanks for posting this. I just got my new helmet and Take a Look mirror today and couldn't figure out how to mount it on the visor effectively. I got it now! The zip tie tip will be helpful, too.

    Thanks again,


  • Al Wenninger

    Try shrink tape. Unsnap your helmet visor. Slide a shrink tube over end of visor and the wire end of the mirror. Heat up the tape with a hair dryer. The tape forms to the visor and never lets go. Try it.

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