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  • Oct 26 2013

    Spooky Sales and Special Treats + Meet the Banjo Brothers this Halloween at Perennial Cycle

    The secret's out! All Banjo Brothers- and Minnehaha-brand items, including panniers, backpacks, small bags, and clothing items, are part of our SPOOKY 25%-off Sale now through Thursday, October 31 at Perennial Cycle. To celebrate the final day of these (so good they're spooky) deals, Banjo Brothers co-founders Mike and Eric will be stopping by the shop from 4–6 p.m. for treats and tricks in their best Banjo Brothers attire this Halloween. But first, here's a little introduction... Meet Banjo Mike and Banjo Eric It all started one crisp morning in 2003, at a Minneapolis coffee shop where Mike and Eric famously decided to take the leap and start a new business all their own. They knew they wanted to go into business together and they had a name — The Banjo Brothers. The spark for just what that business would be was a trip to a local bike shop. Looking over the available bags, Mike and Eric knew they could put something together that would be both more affordable and of better quality that what they saw available: bags they'd be proud to stand behind. Today, we all know Banjo Bags to be just that. As they say: Tough. Practical. Affordable. When it comes to Banjo Brothers (and their sister-company Minnehaha Bag Co.) products, it's all about the value. Beyond the bags, there's plenty more to love about the team behind them. Mike and Eric and the entire Banjo Brothers staff are great patrons of the Minneapolis cycling community, contributing to these (and many more) organizations & events this year:
    • Powderhorn 24
    • Almanzo 100
    • All City Chamionships
    • Track or Treat
    • Babes in Bikeland
    • Cirque du So Gay
    • Wellstone Bike Club
    • ScardeyCat
    • MPLS Bike Love
    • MPLS Bike Polo (Championships)
    • Open Streets MPLS
    • Brompton US Championship
    • Tiny Bikeshop Concerts
    • #30 Days of Biking
    • Dirty Benjamin
    So, this coming Thursday, October 31, make Perennial Cycle a stop on your trick-or-treating to meet Mike & Eric, the faces behind locally-designed Banjo and Minnehaha bags. In addition to a chance to meet Banjo Mike and Banjo Eric, we'll be passing out treats & have activities for you and the family, PLUS a raffle with great prizes. Get your picture taken with Mike and Eric, enjoy some sweets, and grab a sweet deal on a bag or two. While you're here, enter to win one of these great prizes:
    • A Perennial Cycle Winter Maintenance Membership
    • One of two complete Standard Tune-Ups from Perennial Cycle
    • One of 3 Banjo Brothers Musette Bags
    • A Banjo Brothers Canvas Backpack
    • One of 5 Banjo Brothers Phone Wallets
    See you there!
  • Oct 03 2013

    What Makes a Brompton Superlight a Superlight?

    Brompton Superlight with S Bag with Hose Flap Ever since becoming a Brompton dealer, we have seen great value in superlight models and have always made them available to customers as a part of our Brompton inventory. You may have heard them referred to as "Titanium Bromptons," "Ti Bromptons," "Superlights" as above, or "X-Models." All of these refer to the same product — Brompton's superlight frame option. At the start of this year we received several superlight bikes in various configurations, including all three of our standard handlebar types and a variety of colors. For 2013, we also added a third bike to our demo lineup: an S2L-X that was later transformed into an even lighter S2E-X when Luke travelled to England for the Brompton World Championship. Several of you have test-ridden our new demo and all agree: the S2 is a very zippy Brommie! With more and more Brompton riders gaining interest in Brompton racing, Superlight Bromptons are more popular than ever. Of course when it's not race day, one of the superlight's main advantages is not in riding it but in the moments you need to carry it. Going up a flight of stairs or through the airport with your Brompton in tow is all that much easier with a superlight bike. But just what makes a Brompton Superlight so very super? And just how light is it? You'll find the answers to those questions and more below. The following components on a Brompton Superlight or "X" model differ from a standard Steel Brompton. These changes combined contribute to a weight savings of 1.63 pounds (.74 kg) on any given Brompton. Titanium Brompton Superlight Explained
    1. Aluminum Headset
    2. Xtra-Light Front Hub (not only lighter than Brompton's standard front hub, this is a sealed cartridge bearing hub, a big step up from their standard cup and cone hub) built into the front wheel, along with butted spokes for additional weight savings***
    3. Titanium Front Fork
    4. Titanium Front Mudguard Stays
    5. Titanium Rear Frame
    6. Titanium Rear Mudguard Stays
    7. No pump is supplied with a Superlight bike

    What parts of a 2013 superlight bike are steel?

    Two key parts: the Main Frame including the stem riser (both painted) and the seatpost.

    Why Titanium?

    • While not as stiff as steel, titanium is equally strong and weighs about 50% less, all of which adds up to mean that Titanium has the highest strength-to-weight ration of any metal. Brompton has long seen its advantages, as has our favorite touring rack manufacturer, Tubus.
    • Titanium has excellent resistance to corrosion; it won't rust. This makes it a great choice for all-weather riders and those who bike in areas where roads are salted in the cold months.
    • Because of its corrosion resistance, titanium doesn't need to be painted — and, we might add, the silvery-grey color of the raw metal is very attractive.
    • As a West London-based manufacturer, Brompton has one more thing in coming with the metal we call "Ti" for short: both have English roots! Titanium was first discovered in Cornwall, in South West England, in 1791 by William Gregor.

    Is it possible to B-Spoke order a Superlight Bike?

    While it is usually possible to B-Spoke (custom-) order a Superlight Brompton, as of September 2, 2013, Brompton is not taking any new orders for Superlight bikes. (Should that change, we'll post an update here.) Many of our stock-superlights have already gone out the door, but we still have Brompton Superlights available for purchase. You can see a selection of our in-stock Superlight Bromptons here. Except where noted, all of the bikes listed on our website are in-stock and ready to ship to your door. Each has a front wheel built with the Brompton Xtra-Light Front Hub.

    I have a standard, steel Brompton. What else might save weight?

    • Standard reflectors and battery lights are lighter than a dynamo lighting system
    • Single-speeds, 2-speeds, and 3-speeds will be lighter than 6-speeds
    • E-Version bikes without mudguards will be slightly lighter than L-Version bikes
    • E-Version and L-Version bikes will be lighter than R-Version bikes fitted with a rear rack
    • Standard or Extended Seatposts are lighter than a Telescopic Seatpost
    • Brompton Kevlar tires and Schwalbe Kojaks save weight over Schwalbe Marathon tires
    • The S Type is lighter than the M, H, or P Type
    • Standard rollers marginally save weight over Eazy Wheels
    • Saddles, in order of lightest to heaviest: B Saddle < B17 S Special < B17 Special
    • Some Brompton owners choose to retro-fit superlight parts, like the Xtra Light Front Wheel, to an all-steel Brompton
    • Carry only the necessities in your Brompton luggage
    • Ride your Brompton every day!
    If you're interested in purchasing (or simply test riding) a Ti-Brompton, stop in any time or order online now. We ship Brompton bikes on a regular basis to U.S.-based Brompton enthusiasts and Brompton fans abroad. Shipping in the continental USA is just $35-40. International shipping quotes are available upon request.   ***Since the publication of this post, Brompton has had some stocking issues with the Superlight front hub. As a result, not every Ti bike will ship with a Superlight front hub. To compensate, Brompton (and we at Perennial Cycle) has reduced the price of all bikes that ship without a Superlight front hub. These bikes will still feature butted spokes in their wheel builds but will use the standard Brompton front hub, unless a dynamo hub is fitted. If you are interested in ordering a specific in-stock Brompton and are curious about what type of front hub it features, please call us at 612-827-8000.
  • Jul 24 2013

    Brompton World Championship → Here We Come!


      This weekend is the Brompton World Championship (BWC) and Minnesota will be well represented: Spencer Morse: Spencer for 2 years has been the pace setter for the US Championship. Spencer took 2nd place this year (3rd last year) and is going in place of Stephen Reginold Beckie Alexander: Women's 1st place at the US Championship. Beckie's husband Wallace was the 2012 Men's Champion and Beckie was at the 2012 BWC, though was not a competitor Susan Todzy: Susan was the 2012 US Women's Champion and is going back the the BWC to defend her title as the winner of the BWC Treble Competition Sophie Breen: Women's 2012 US 3rd place winner and 2013 top 10 racer Luke Breen: I am the owner of Perennial Cycle and am extremely excited to compete in the BWC along with the group. Watch for us to upload pics and videos to a Flickr set that has been created:

    BWC Flickr Set by Perennial Cycle

    BWC 2013 Flickr Group

    Here's the promotional video for BWC 2013:
  • Jul 23 2013

    Brompton Riders are Truly Awesome Racers!

    busc2013_ 1 - Version 2 As the organizer of the Brompton US Championship (BUSC) 2012 & 2013 I can tell you that Brompton Riders and racers are extremely good natured individuals able to go with the flow. This year's event was truly spectacular in every way. The representation of participants created a map with dots from throughout the country. Thanks for that! Multi-Modal Ride: Saturdays 30 mile spin led us through a wide variety of obstacles due to a major storm, but we all wore smiles throughout the cyclo-cross-like obstacles. Lunch alongside the great Mississippi with a group of Brompton riders was a lovely experience followed by a ride to the Northstar commuter train that easily held out folded Brommies and brought us back to Minneapolis just in time for the next ride. Multi Modal Ride - BUSC • 2013     Urban Explorer Ride: This 10 mile urban loop was designed to give the out-of-towners a chance to ride a wide variety of paths and shared roads with a few sights fit into the mix. Thanks to being shut out at the Guthrie (touristy stop) due to an anniversary party we had enough time to ride to one of Beez Kneez urban hive's and being that Kristy (the Queen Bee @ Beez Kneez) was on our ride she gave a tour of the hive and had some Q & A about bees. busc2013b_ 14 We headed back to the shop for a powerless party (power got knocked out for the entire weekend due to Friday's storm) and being that the sandwiches were to arrive from a place that also was without power, we had to come up with a plan B. Pizza is the answer! busc11 Dewi Sant is a fabulous band that we had scheduled for a show. Being that they knew we were without power, Michael Morris (the lead of the band) decided to come up alone and give an unplugged performance for us. Without light in the shop, we had the entire party and Michael's performance out back. He put on an awesome acoustic show for us. Thank You Michael! Sunday's Race Day was filled with huge smiles, great looking people wearing their very best, fast folds and an amazingly spirited bike race. The competition was fiercely battled and in the end there were no fewer smiles than at the start. This event and all of the BUSC participants have touched my heart in a very special way and I am sure to never forget BUSC • 2013! Thank You fabulous employees, sponsors and especially to those of you who came out and participated in this wonderful event. Here are a few pics of the events:
    Brompton US Championship Details: BUSC•2013 Podium Folding Competition Champs BUSC•2013 Treble Honors BUSC•2013 Flickr Set (lots of fun pics!)

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