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Brompton Photo Shoot

It was early spring that we received our first shipment of 2008 Bromptons and we took them to our warehouse for some photo shooting. Very nice bikes indeed!

The 2008 Brommies are looking fantastic. Very nice paint jobs with sleek, good looking decals and a mix of very special folding features. This is the quickest AND the smallest folding bike on the market. It would be hard to check it out and not be completely wowed.

Our photo shoots are fast and furious, but we do out best to get nice shots of the actual models that we are selling. While there are many, many options from Brompton, we have very carefully selected models to sell. The choices we made are a nice balance of good quality options mixed with an eye towards getting a great value out of your money.

You can check out out Brompton Bikes HERE.

Brompton accessories can be viewed HERE.

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