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Bacchetta Corsa for 200 Mile Ride

I did my first double century at the end of last season. This is the Bacchetta Corsa that I used for the ride. I felt that this was a perfect bike for the ride and the set up I had felt just right.

I used a wide range rear cluster (11-32) mixed with a road crankset. This is a good mix of gears for my style of riding. The wheels are 26" with Schwalbe 26 x 1.35 Kojak tires. These tires are nice and durable with a supple sidewall. This makes for a speedy touring style tire. Perfect!

200 miles is a long day and a true test of mental and physical strength. That said, we had a blast and doing the ride on this Corsa was perfect!

Under the seat is a camera bag that allowed me to pull out and take pictures while riding.

2 thoughts on “Bacchetta Corsa for 200 Mile Ride”

  • Bill Berg

    was this 26" conversion done on a new 700c frame or an older 650c frame / If the later, how did you get those tires to clear the rear brake boss?

    • Perennial Cycle

      Hi Bill,
      The Corsa is an older 650 frame (before the 700 existed).
      I had to grind down some of the rear brake tab to fit the Kojacs and used a first generation aluminum Strada fork.
      Now we'd have to use the Giro 26 fork, or a basic Dimension mountain bike fork.

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