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Carradice City Folder Bag for Brompton Bikes

Three examples of City Folder Bags

Carradice has been hand crafting quality cycle luggage for over 70 years in their factory in Nelson, England. Not many companies that were started in the 1930's are still in business, but Carradice is. In fact they are still in the same town and continue to be in family hands.

We import the Carradice product because we feel that it is special both in regards to design and quality. Being a single store front makes importing quite a hassle as there are a good number of details involved in getting the product into the shop (what was the tariff number and who does the check for duty go to?), but as a specialty retailer we see great value in the Carradice brand and feel that it is worth the effort.
Here is a link our Carradice product: Carradice at Perennial Cycle

Their specialty is hand crafted bicycle bags made of cotton duck that are designed for long life. These new City Folder bags designed specifically for Brompton Folding Bicycles are classic in their style and feel, though they have updated features to fit the world that we live in. All three bags are massive and loaded with features. The black and the green (referred to as "originals" as they are made of cotton duck) are identical in design and features, simply different colors. The gray Carradry is designed to be a waterproof bag, while the cotton duck models are highly water resistant. The Carradry model is slightly smaller because it does not have the two back pockets, but rather two mesh pouches. Also, the Carradry model's Laptop bag is not removable to be used as a bag of it's own (unlike the cotton duck models).


Main Compartment:
16 x 5-1/2 x 14" (1232 cu in.)

Laptop Bag:
15 x 10 x 2"

Back Pockets (on Originals):
5 x 3-1/2 x 8" (130 cu in.)

Originals > 1492 cu in., 25 Liters

The City Folders are very easy to mount and unmount from the bike (a 5 second task). Carradice uses the front carrier block and bag frame that Brompton has designed and manufactured on the City Folder. This system is strong, light and long lasting.

The bracket that attaches to the bicycle (Front Carrier Block) bolts onto mounting holes that are on all Brompton headtubes. This means that the weight does not influence the steering of the bike. When you turn the handlebars, the bag does not turn with them.

While the original models use a pair of nice looking leather straps to lash down the top cover, they have a nylon buckle (like the Carradry model) that works as the quick buckle and unbuckle for the top (these nylon buckles are hidden under the leather straps). The leather straps are to be used to tighten and loosen the fit of the top depending on how overstuffed your bag might be.

There is a laptop bag inside of the main compartment that is nicely padded with a few pockets (phone, camera and power chord). This bag is suspended  to prevent your laptop from banging the bottom of your bag each time you hit a bump. The cotton duck models use velcro straps to attach the laptop bag. This makes removing the laptop bag a cinch and they provide a separate small shoulder strap to allow you to use the laptop bag as it's own bag. The Carradry model's padded laptop bag is the same bag, though the bag is not removable. There also is a larger shoulder strap for walking about with the City Folder (all models).

6 thoughts on “Carradice City Folder Bag for Brompton Bikes”

  • WTD

    Does it fit on an SL2 Bromption?

    • Perennial Cycle

      The City Folder is too tall to be officially recommended on a Brommie with an S handlebar as the S style bars are lower than the M type and this makes for less clearance between the top of the bag and the brake levers.
      Unofficially we have seen people with S bars use it, but they have to prevent themselves from over stuffing the City folder as this will surely cause interference with the brake levers.
      You can see some pictures here: City Folder on Brommie w/ S bar

  • ilovea

    There are few choice on the brompton's website, which luggage frames can fit for this City Folder Bag? Thanks

  • David

    Question about color:

    On this page, the color looks like a dull brownish-green, like Army Khaki.

    But in the link listed above "City Folder on Brommie w/ S bar", the color is a brighter, more intense green.

    Which photo is more accurate?

    • Perennial Cycle

      The green is a cotton duck that is more like army khaki green (not like a bight, intense green). The best depiction is the picture at the top of this page that has the caption "The three available City Folder Bags".

  • Yamada

    If I use a City Folder on a Brompton with a S handlbar,
    Which size of Front Carrier Frame should I use, S or M ?

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