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Folding Ice Bike

Dahon Mariner w/ 20" Schwalbe Marathon Winter (studded) Tires

Minnesota is cold. So cold that we actually have ice. Lots and lots of ice and the ice lasts a long, long time. Pastor Paul (Minnesota also has a lot of Lutherans) wanted to use his new folding bike for more day-to-day riding in the winter (applause!) which he is well accustomed to doing in the warmer months (we have a few), but the heart of winter is a tough sell in Minnesota. Paul is an avid rider and actually was easily persuaded to winterize his Dahon Mariner with a pair of Schwalbe Winter Marathon tires. Sweet Ride!

Studded tires slow down the ride a bit, but not nearly as much as a serious patch of ice will slow you down when your not using studded tires (How fast am I going when I'm laying on the road?). We have some experience in regard to studded tires and we give a big thumbs up to the Schwalbe Marathon Winter Tires. These 20 inchers are 1.6" wide and take 70 psi. Nice! Chubby without being so wide that they'd cause you to float in snow and a high enough pressure to help you get to work on time (how civilized!). We also stock them in 700c as well as 26". We sell a lot of them and have a lot of happy customers because of them.

2 thoughts on “Folding Ice Bike”

  • siouxgeonz

    I've been thinking of getting studs on my Dahon too, except that we don't have folding ice here :) I also wonder what that little bike would have done in last week's windy and wet scenario - my 45-pound Gazelle with Hakkelpita 106's was doing some skating sideways when I was going through an ice-underneath puddle in a strong crosswind.... (but not tipping). I wondered how the lighter Dahon would have handled there (I have a speed p8).
    Be it duly noted that you slow down my reading when you're not using proper contractions :P but keep those pastors riding!

    • Perennial

      I think the Ice Bike that folds would have done well in the big winds because of the minimal profile for the wind to grab. The only real downside is that you have less gyroscopic energy working to keep you upright which can be a problem in a fresh snow, or worse the gray oily packed snow (a struggle even for a pedestrian).

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