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  • Nov 12 2014

    Test Riding the Brooks Cambium

    Brooks Cambium

    -Naturally Flexible

    -Immediately Comfortable

    -Waterproofed with Numac

    -Maintenance Free

    -Built for Life

    -Ready to Ride


    Several of our staffers took the Cambium out for a weekend test-ride when the saddles first arrived at the shop last fall. Here are our first impressions:

    Kat, test riding with a Surly Long Haul Trucker:

    The Cambium was comfortable right out of the box. The women’s model has a longer nose than [Brooks's] traditional leather B17S, and I personally prefer the shape of the Cambium to my leather saddle. It has a bit of natural flex, but is stiff enough for long rides. While it is touted as waterproof, the cotton tends to absorb water, rather than shed it, so I still opt to cover the saddle in wet conditions. In the long run I may switch over to [the Cambium] and give my leather B17S to a good home."

    Luke, test riding with a Rawland Dakkar:

    The slight suspension of the slung rubber saddle is a huge benefit when doing a hard gravel grind. The saddle I rode in the past was a typical slightly padded road saddle and I found that I didn't miss the padding at all."

    Martha, test riding with a Brompton M6L:

    Kat mentioned her preference for the C17S' longer nose, but I found myself missing my B17S Special's shape and length. While I found the C17S rideable, I will continue to ride the B17S and Flyer S, despite the break-in time required to reach these saddles' optimum comfort levels. If you love your leather Brooks saddle, stick with it!"

    Test Riding the Brooks Cambium

    For local customers, we allow free 24-hour test rides of the Cambium C17 and Cambium C17S. Stop in to our location at Hennepin and 34th in Uptown Minneapolis for a chance to try the Cambium risk-free on your own bike.

    The complete Brooks Cambium line is available in-store and at, including the C17, the C17 S, and the C15 in a full range of colors. Look for the C17 Cambium Carved — with cut-out — later this fall(/winter?) and early next spring.

  • Nov 05 2014

    Perennial Cycle is now accepting 2015 B-Spoke Orders

    As a follow-up to our earlier post about Brompton's new color palette, we'd like you to be the first to know that we're now accepting 2015 B-Spoke Orders. Orders placed this week will begin shipping from England the week of December 12, just in time for the holidays. Per usual, Brompton will be closed from 27 December through 2 January. Orders taken after the first of the year will resume shipping the week of January 9, 2015.

    A 20% deposit is all that's required to get your B-Spoke order in the queue. What are you waiting for? Start building your dream Brompton with the newly updated Brompton Bike Builder!

    Clock-wise from top left: Berry Crush, Cherry Blossom, Tempest Blue, Lime Green, Lagoon Blue

    Calhoun Cycle is now taking orders for B-Spoke Brompton Folding Bikes in the new 2015 colors.


    Ivory, a new 2015 color from Brompton
  • Oct 21 2014

    Carradice in Tweed!

    Carradice Barley Saddlebag w/Harris Tweed Top

    Recently I met with David of Carradice and got a look at some new Limited Edition saddlebags. These lovely British bags have integrated a Scottish twist by adding Harris wool tweed to the top of their ever-beloved waterproof cotton duck.
    We have received the Harris Tweed Barley Saddlebag as well as the Harris Tweed Zipped Roll Saddlebag and we will be keeping our eyes open for any other Limited Edition bags from Carradice.

    Carradice of Nelson Harris Tweed Bags


  • Sep 30 2014

    Nutcase 2015 - The Metroride!

    Nutcase Founder Michael Morrow and me (wearing a MetroRide)

    Two years ago Nutcase showed a new style of commuter helmet at the cycling trade show (Interbike). The Metroride was a lighter-weight, sleeker commuter helmet than their hugely popular Street Series. The design was a mix of retro-rad with the updating of Nutcase’s beloved graphic styling. I thought it would look great on the shelves at Perennial Cycle and I loved that it would push what people considered a commuter helmet. Sadly Nutcase had difficulty getting it into production and the Metroride never made it to market.

    That year the Giro Reverb came along with a very similar look, feel and purpose. We like the Reverb and sell many of them. While they lacked the stylized graphics, they pushed the envelope in regards to identifying what a commuter helmet was.

    A couple of weeks ago I was being shown the 2015 Nutcase lineup at Interbike and the Metroride helmet is back and looking great. This time nutcase is confident about it’s production. That is fantastic news to us!
    Nutcase is also adding a Baby Nutty which will fit down to 47cm for the one year olds searching out a fun helmet that could match their bigger brothers and sisters.

    We are big fans of Nutcase helmets at Perennial Cycle and are happy to see them developing new, great products.

    Nutcase Helmets

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