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Phil's Sweet RANS Dynamic Trail

Dynamic Trail

Here's a bike that gets in a lot of miles on the paths around the area. Phil rides a lot and has used a variety of bikes over the years. The past few years have been all about the RANS crank forward bikes. He likes to go fast in an ergonomically friendly position.

Custom Handlebar and Riser setup

The handlebars and riser are custom modifications that have helped make the bike very comfy on the wrist, shoulders and hands. Instead of using the stock "straight" riser, this bike is set up with a RANS curved riser which brings the handlebars back about 3-1/2". The handlebars are swept back cruiser style handlebars with Ergon Grips with built in bar-ends for a variety of hand positions.

Forza Crankset

Forza 145mm Crankset with FSA chainrings

The other major modification this bike has are the 145mm Forza cranks. These are a nice, triple crank option that can work for a variety of bikes. The Forza cranks are available in 145, 155 and 165mm lengths and the bolt hole pattern is 130/74mm.

Phil is out putting real miles on his bike. I see him on the trails regularly and he's always smokin' down the trail at a quick pace. Looking good Phil!

3 thoughts on “Phil's Sweet RANS Dynamic Trail”

  • Keith

    Wondering if the curved riser would adversely affect climbing ease with the Dynamik. Anyone know?


    • Perennial

      Hi Keith,
      I rode the bike around to check it out just for the reason you mention.
      I found that standing on the pedals to crank up a hill was do-able, but the handlebars were noticeably closer to my body. Having the bars close to me made me a little more careful about standing and moving around while cranking up a hill.
      So all-in-all it worked out well for me, but the bent riser made it a bit less of a "climber" than using the straight riser, though mre of a climber than the Fusion.

  • Kim


    I am thinking to use this riser stem with my dahon folding bike.

    Would you answer some questions so that I can figure out if I can use this?

    1. what's the outside and inside diameter of the riser?
    2. am I supposed to just cover the exposed part of a steerer tube with this riser and just clamp the riser ?


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