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Handsome Cycle Co. : Local Folks Doin' It Up!

Handsome Cycle Co.

Over 20 years ago I got a job at Alternative Bikes in uptown Minneapolis. Jay Erickson was the owner of this upstanding neighborhood bike shop that specializes in selling Bridgestone bikes, skateboards and snowboards (early adopters). Another big specialty was overnight repairs. I worked as an overnight repairman. I learned a lot from Jay. Plenty about repairs and bike shops, and whole lot about myself (working late with the pressure of getting through a massive pile of repairs will do that to you). I worked for the Alt for 2 years and it was the last place that my paycheck was signed by someone other than myself.

Jay's sons were little kids going to elementary school back then, but now one of them (Jesse) has teamed up with a workmate (Ben) to design a nice quality, highly versatile frame that they are marketing as a Handsome Cycle Co. bike.

Handsome Bike Co. - Local Folks doing it MN style!

I spotted this frame at the big industry trade show (Interbike). It was being used to showcase some accessories in the Topeak booth. This model was labelled  as a "Devil". It sure looked like a nice start from which Handsome can grow from. The catalog lying below the bike was nicely styled without being over-designed. Cool.  Good work guys!

One thought on “Handsome Cycle Co. : Local Folks Doin' It Up!”

  • Christine Beaman
    Christine Beaman July 2, 2011 at 5:01 pm

    That is me pulling the neck of my shirt down in the pic on your catalog cover. That was a trip Peter Clemence and I took on a tandem up to Split Rock Lighthouse. Circa 1984, maybe?


    Christine (halladay) Beaman

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