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Bacchetta Giro 20 TT: Going Out the Door!

I caught this bike before it went out the door with it's new owner. I thought it would be nice to show a few pictures of this bike as it's set up. Sweet ride, eh?

The Bacchetta Giro 20 TT is Bacchetta's newest model. A 26.5 pound recumbent with a high quality component package including Avid disc brakes... Nice Going! The Giro 20 TT is Bacchetta's 2nd model (Corsa was the first) using an aluminum frame and the frame is making this bike very special indeed. Keeping the weight down and the performance up. It's difficult to categorize this bike as it can be set up and used in a very wide variety of ways. I'd be just as comfortable selling this bike to a daily commuter as I would to a weekend century rider.

This customer is set up for a nice mix of commuting and weekend day rides. The bike has an Evo Lite Mirror and Sigma 1106 cyclometer on the handlebars. The bike is also set up using a RANS HT rear rack that is shown with the customer's Arkel Commuter pannier (which has a built in laptop sleeve). To mount the HT Rack we used a Disco Rack Spacer to clear the disc brake.

Ride Away... Fast!

2 thoughts on “Bacchetta Giro 20 TT: Going Out the Door!”

  • Chris

    Does the aluminum giro ride as comfortably as the steel version?

    • Perennial Cycle

      In theory the aluminum Giro 20 (Giro 20 TT) is a stiffer frame than the steel model, but my experience is that the steel and aluminum models are equally comfortable when it comes to putting miles on them.
      I recently did a century ride on the Giro 20 TT (check it out here) and found it to be dreamy in regards to smoothness on the road. The tires, seat and frame absorbed the road shock nicely.

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