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  • Feb 02 2009

    Dale & Mary Spotted in Velo Vision

    Mary & Dale on a Perennial Cycle Fun Ride!

    Peter Eland, bike culture aficionado and editor of VeloVision, has published eight years of top-notch articles. The issue with Dale and Mary has everything from bikes in Phnom Pennhe, to reviews from Cycle 2008 (the major bike show in the UK), some bike reviews, a bike light test, an interesting article on how people pedal their children to school and other eclectic cycle stories.

    Velo Vision Issue #32 Article

    We're always excited and inspired when the new VeloVision arrives at the shop -- every issue is filled with great pictures and stories that you just don't see anywhere else. In fact, we're so fond of VeloVision that we're the U.S. subscription agent! We also stock back issues. Check out VeloVision on our website here:

    You can see Velo Vision here: Velo Vision Website

    Check out the Gallery of some bike rides Dale and Mary have been out on:

  • Jan 23 2009

    Customer's Article on Folding Bikes

    Dave Pedals to See the Sights in San Francisco

    Long time customer Dave Bengston recently wrote an article for Minnesota Cyclist about getting in a few miles while being out on the road. Dave is passionate about riding his bicycles and his enthusiasm shines through in the article. Nice!

    Have Folding Bike, Will Travel
    By David N. Bengston

    Business travel is not very exciting or fun – unless you can get in some bicycling along the way! Then it becomes an adventure. Imagine hitting the bike trails and exploring interesting places after your workday, rather than watching television in your hotel room. Imagine arriving at your business meeting by bike instead of taxi after an exhilarating morning ride. I’ve confused a few receptionists who assumed I was a bike courier who was there to make a delivery!


  • Oct 08 2008

    2008 Brompton World Championship

    The first wave of racers begin their 2 lap race

    The Brompton World Championship was 10 days back on the 28th of September. I've had a chance to take a look at some of the pictures and read blogs of the event and it looks like a fun time that I'd love to participate in. While I'm tempted to think that I would one day do an insane event like the Paris-Brest-Paris (1,200 kilometer race...not in stages), I am probably more inclined to jump onboard a fun and wacky event like this.

    What's not to LOVE about this!

    Not to say that there aren't some people taking this event seriously. A former Tour de France rider and three time winner of the Tour of Spain Robert Herras rode hard and was the winner of his group, but the start wasn't a mass start and it turned out that the next group of riders had a speedy rider in Alastair Kay who is York Cycle Work's Premier Calendar rider. The winners podium was a chaotic place to be when Robert Herras' name was not called as the victor (oops, it seems he forgot to look at the results and walked up to the podium thinking he was the victor).

    Tejkan Pettinger has a report and some great pictures on his Cycling Info blog.

    Brompton Bikes have evolved into an amazing folding bike with many very practical and functional accessories. We have seen their growth as a very positive sign of things to come. Stop in and give one a ride and have us show you how amazingly small they fold in about a 10 second stretch of time (wow is right!). Learn more about the Brompton Bikes and accessories (Including the B & W hardcase) at our website.

  • Sep 26 2008

    Handsome Cycle Co. : Local Folks Doin' It Up!

    Handsome Cycle Co.

    Over 20 years ago I got a job at Alternative Bikes in uptown Minneapolis. Jay Erickson was the owner of this upstanding neighborhood bike shop that specializes in selling Bridgestone bikes, skateboards and snowboards (early adopters). Another big specialty was overnight repairs. I worked as an overnight repairman. I learned a lot from Jay. Plenty about repairs and bike shops, and whole lot about myself (working late with the pressure of getting through a massive pile of repairs will do that to you). I worked for the Alt for 2 years and it was the last place that my paycheck was signed by someone other than myself.

    Jay's sons were little kids going to elementary school back then, but now one of them (Jesse) has teamed up with a workmate (Ben) to design a nice quality, highly versatile frame that they are marketing as a Handsome Cycle Co. bike.

    Handsome Bike Co. - Local Folks doing it MN style!

    I spotted this frame at the big industry trade show (Interbike). It was being used to showcase some accessories in the Topeak booth. This model was labelled  as a "Devil". It sure looked like a nice start from which Handsome can grow from. The catalog lying below the bike was nicely styled without being over-designed. Cool.  Good work guys!

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